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By Sharon Graves



The News-Democrat

Patti Mefford was sworn in as interim Carroll County clerk Thursday afternoon by Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson.

The swearing-in ceremony took place following a reception in honor of Marketta Brock on the day of her retirement, July 31.

Mefford has worked in the clerk’s office since June 1998 and was appointed by Tomlinson to serve in the interim position until the general election in November. Two other names are expected to be on the ballot for the position: Alice Marsh, who also works in the clerk’s office, and Magistrate Mark Bates.

Mefford will not be a candidate, and Tomlinson said her appointment to the position for the interim shouldn’t reflect on either of the anticipated candidates in November. He said he wants Carroll County voters to decide who the next clerk will be.

“I want to thank Marketta for her friendship over the years,” Mefford said.  “I’m sad because Marketta is leaving, but I’m looking forward to the election. I’ll try to do my best and be honest. The front office won’t change because we all help each other.”

Tomlinson wished Brock well. “Like her father before her, Marketta has served the people of Carroll County well for over 30 years.”

Brock began working in the clerk’s office when her father, John Tilley, was elected in 1977. She was elected clerk in 1994, after his retirement.

As have many other state employees across the commonwealth, Brock decided to retire this year because of new rules regarding the calculation of retirement benefits. Next year, a retiree’s benefits will be calculated based on the past five years’ salaries.

Currently, benefits are based on the past three years’ earnings. The new plan can mean a retiree could draw a significantly smaller amount in retirement pay.