‘City fathers’ choose a raise over a trolley

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I too am very disappointed in our city regarding the trolley. As I recall, a used trolley was on the agenda.

I guess voting themselves a raise did not allow any money left to help the downtown business district.

Almost all of downtown used to be a place for visitors, and residents could come to shop. So many merchants had to close because of Wal-Mart and the outlet mall. Now the city does not want a trolley! One more nail in the coffin. Shame on our city fathers!

For 20 years I tried to make a business work in our historic downtown. Without tourists and local residents shopping in our town, how are merchants to compete? Get the town a trolley.

Just one more thing. Why don’t you make Exit 43 on I-71 a scenic route and help condense the traffic flow on Hwy. 227?

Bring the visitors right downtown by the campground and into downtown. At least do something to help.

Hazel Ray