‘New Deal’ and its effect on women explored by club

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The March 7 meeting of the Caby M. Froman Club was held at noon in the Burley Room of General Butler State Resort Park. Ellen Van Nagel acted as hostess for the occasion.

President Sandra Thomas began the meeting with a St. Patrick’s Day welcome and the reading of “The Wearing of the Green.” It was announced that the June luncheon location has been moved to Owl Creek Country Club of Anchorage, Ky.

Mrs. Thomas also gave the religious study for the day. The study “Hope in a Fallen World” was taken from the works of Michael Card. He wrote “The Count of Monte Cristo, a book about the loss of hope, substitution of vengeance and the ultimate renewal of hope through repentance. It is therefore a story that reflects the gospel.”

Dr. Elizabeth Jones presented the program “The Woman behind the New Deal.” She led the group through the difficult personal life and the challenges and events which prompted President Franklin D. Roosevelt to appoint Frances Perkins to the post of Secretary of Labor. Secretary Perkins had the distinction of being the first female to hold a U.S. cabinet position. She held the seat from 1933-45, being only one of two such appointees to hold their respective post for the entire term of Roosevelt’s presidency.

Secretary Perkins was a true champion for the American worker, the safety of the workplace and all other aspects of labor, as well as for the plight of the poor.

She was largely responsible for the U.S. adoption of social security, unemployment insurance, federal laws regulating child labor and adoption of the federal minimum wage. Perkins was a most capable, fearless and politically astute woman, all working to make her well suited for the high-level efforts necessary to effect sweeping reforms in the field of labor.

The next meeting for the group will be its business meeting at noon on Friday, April 4, in the Burley Room of General Butler State Resort Park. At that time Dr. Jones and Sue Scot will be serving as hostesses.