“Beach Time” theme of Cartmell Spring Artist Showcase

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The Cartmell Elementary School Spring Artist Showcase is May 12 at 6:30 p.m. This is the second of two artist showcases for the year. “Beach Time – Summer Fun!” is the theme for the event.

“Students will be celebrating the approaching summer and gearing up for all the things that remind them of summer-time fun,” Cartmell music teacher Rachel Hodge said. Students will incorporate the summer theme into their performances.

The students may perform as solo acts or as groups. Acts must audition before school judges to be included in the showcase. Normally, about 12 acts perform at the showcase.

“We always have excellent acts,” Principal Doug Oak said. “Every year, it gets bigger and better. Our kids are super talented, and they work very hard to showcase those talents. This Spring Artist Showcase is going to help us ring in the summer, celebrate the school year and recognize our student artists.”

Acts will range from dance and cheer teams to drama skits and musical performances. Hodge is organizing a “Xylophone Zoo” to encourage more musicians to participate.

Students at the Winter Artist Showcase performed to a packed crowd in the Cartmell gymnasium, and Oak expects a big crowd for the spring showcase as well. Parents and other spectators are encouraged to arrive early. Cartmell students will give a small presentation on appropriate “concert behavior” for the audience before the program begins. 

In addition to the live performances, exemplary student art will be on display around the building.

“I am excited about how the students are going to showcase their talents during the event,” Cartmell art teacher Felicia Clause said. “The Spring Artist Showcase allows kids to shine and to show talents that others might not know that they have. We have some amazing artists and musicians at Cartmell, so it’s great that we are able to give them this chance to perform.”

Clause selects exemplary artwork that students have created over the course of the school year for display. Those pieces will range from pencil drawings to paintings and sculptures.

Beyond giving students an outlet for their creative energies, the arts also help students become more engaged with their school. Oak said that students who are connected with their school are more likely to perform better academically.

“The arts in general are a big focus in the district and also in our building. We focus on more than just STEM,” Oak said, referring to the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. “We add the arts as well to create STEAM. I want Cartmell students to be better people as a result of coming through this building, and the arts help make that happen.”

The Cartmell Student Council will be serving concessions at the event. Additionally, Cartmell students will be leading various parts of the program as part of their Leader in Me initiative. 

“We want our students to help run this school,” Oak said. “The Spring Artist Showcase is a great opportunity for our artists to stand out for their work and for their leadership.”


Carl Roberts is director of public relations for Carroll County Public Schools.