2 plays, 1 night of drama

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TCHS students take to the stage

By The Staff

The TCHS Drama Club members showcased their on-stage skills Saturday night in the Raider Arena. Rita McKay and Bonnie Peugeot directed the shows “Conflict,” by Wade Bradford and “French Toast,” by Donald Payton.

“We started preparing and voted out of three stories back in September and we had cast try-outs in October. Then just six weeks before the play, we had six actors and actress that had to discontinue being part of the play production,” Peugeot said.

Three days before the play, another performer had to opt out of the production, she said, but the others did a tremendous job on not letting the play become a disaster. Drama Club members who have never seen the lime light stepped up and took the challenge to help the production carry on.

“They worked very hard on the production and did a fantastic job,” former director, Jon Graham said.

Jeremy Cox, star of the plays, has been in drama for three years now and believes the play went really well.

“It was pretty difficult to do two parts, and with several people quitting it hurt us but some step up to the plate which made it work. But overall it was very stressful, but also worth it in the end,” he said.

The play was preceded by “A Day in the Arts” which included all the artwork that Peugeot’s –– also an art teacher –– students had completed throughout the course of the school year.

“My partner in crime, Mrs. McKay did a fantastic job with the actors also,” Peugeot said. “We really enjoyed doing this with the kids this year and I was really excited and proud of our kids. Hands down they really blew my mind.”

Following the showing and displays in the hallways, everyone was welcomed to gather in the cafeteria for more entertainment and eat a bowl of homemade spaghetti. The “Esprit” choir and other solo and duo’s sang.