97 percent should be re-elected in May

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By The Staff


There are many who know me that may ask me who would I vote for come May?

First of all, I would say I will vote every time there is an election in this great county of ours; but, I will not tell you how to vote.

This time I cannot say that. I will, for the first time, say there are some that has been in public office way too long that takes care of family and friends that by all means should go. There are others in office who need to stay for the good of our county.

This brings me to what I believe should be said. Trimble County has the best and hardest working of the fiscal courts I have seen in many years. I strongly suggest that we keep all of who we have serving on the fiscal court so they can continue to work for us and not the special interest in our county.

For the others running for office most of them, 97 percent of them should be re-elected, and I wish them well, for they, too, are doing great work for us the voters. (No, I am not related to any one in public office.)

By the way, I do pray the fiscal court and the mayors after May would work on an industrial park for our county so we can bring in jobs. We should search out grants to build a youth club for our teens, because they deserve it.

They may like to also look into appointing a new ethics board for Trimble County. Think, if we fail to grow, we as a community will stagnate and we will never be what we should be.

Please, if you are a voter, vote on May 18.

Bob J. Scott

Milton, Ky.