Animal Support in need of foster homes

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Foster homes for animals are desperately needed. Every dog that is picked up or dropped off at our local shelter has no chance of getting out alive, unless the executive director of Carroll County Animal Support, Tammie Crawford, rescues them. She has limited space at her home and in her kennels and once she is full and cannot pull any more from the shelter, those left there are euthanized.

Foster homes for animals are similar to those for children. You take an animal, dog or cat into your home and give it a chance at socialization in order to better its chance at a forever home. It would be housed with you until it can be gotten into a rescue group or until it can be adopted directly into its forever home. The Carroll County Animal Support group pays for any medical expenses, and your job would be to provide its every day care and love.

Fostering is very rewarding. If you are a dog or cat lover and just want to experience an animal short term, it allows you to do so without the life-long commitment that owning requires. To see an animal come to you timid, scared, possibly even hurt and watch their transformation into a confident, trusting and loving pet is very hard to describe. Then the positive feedback when they find their forever home is really exciting!

If you would like to be a part of saving an animal, dog or cat, please contact Tammie Crawford at (502) 732-6040 or Sherry Stamper at (502) 732-6144. We would be happy to consider you as a “foster home” and answer any questions you may have.

Sherry Stamper, President

Carroll County Animal Support