Annual Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash set for March 1 at Winn

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The Carroll County Early Childhood Council is hosting the ninth annual Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash on March 1 at Kathryn Winn Primary School from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. The event honors the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, and also promotes learning and literacy.

“We are excited to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday in a way that promotes literacy in our community,” said Pam Williams, elementary instructional supervisor for the Carroll County School District. “Dr. Seuss forever changed children’s literature and has inspired generations of readers. We want to use this day to get our students excited about reading.”

Local businesses are hosting many of the learning stations at the event. Having local businesses present will help children to see career possibilities in their futures. This career exposure will be provided alongside learning experiences that develop kindergarten-readiness skills. 

“It’s a day of fun, educational activities that parents and their children can enjoy together,” said Leslie Sutherland, children’s librarian at the Carroll County Public Library, which is also a member of the CCECC.

The Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash not only emphasizes to students that reading can be fun, it also honors Seuss’s role as a champion for children and children’s literature.

Dr. Seuss was a firm believer in the power of reading to change the world. In a 1960 essay, Seuss wrote that “Children’s reading and children’s thinking are the rock-bottom base upon which this country will rise. Or not rise. In these days of tension and confusion, writers are beginning to realize that books for children have a greater potential for good or evil than any other form of literature on earth.”

The CCECC throws the Birthday Bash to encourage children to be engaged with reading, to be thinking about their futures and to be prepared for kindergarten. 

The CCECC is a local collaborative group funded by a grant from the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood. In addition to the Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash, the CCECC also sponsors Panther Tots, KinderBoost and other community learning events for children. Another goal of the group is to support early childcare providers in their role on the front lines of early childhood education.

“We want children to know that the only limits they face are the ones that they set themselves,” Williams said. “Reading and learning help children break through barriers that stand in their way. Dr. Seuss definitely thought outside of the box, and his books inspire our children to do the same.”

In addition to ongoing learning activities at the March 1 event, a magician will be performing tricks throughout the day. Children can also have their pictures taken with book characters. Food and music will be available as well. 

The learning stations will focus on kindergarten-readiness skills grouped in three categories: language, math and motor skills. Parents will receive information on how to help students make gains in these areas to move toward kindergarten readiness.

“The main thing that we want parents to take away from this event is to read, read, read with their children,” Williams said. “Time spent reading together is so valuable. It creates a love of learning and a love of books that will last a lifetime. Students who have been regularly read to will hit the ground running when it comes to school. The best preparation for kindergarten is to read.”

For more information on the Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash or on the Carroll County Early Childhood Council, contact Pam Williams at (502) 732-7070. 


Carl Roberts is director of public relations for Carroll County Public Schools.