Author was right about technology

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I do not know Kathryn Gillespie, but I wish to commend her for last week’s thought-provoking article on American society’s excessive use of technology. I agree with much that she had to say.

Having, in the past, been employed in the data processing field and also having a tendency toward “internet addiction,” I have thought much on this topic.

Our technology obsession separates us from nature, our fellow human beings, ourselves and God. Spending time enjoying and interacting with nature is infinitely more satisfying than surfing the net to learn about nature. Developing real, true, and deep friendships by sharing your time and life with those you love is infinitely more satisfying than constant posting on a social networking site. Spending time alone and learning about oneself and reflecting on the things that matter in life is hardly possible when all spare time is spent on “tech activity.” And, as someone recently told me, they use Facebook almost everyday, but they didn’t have time to read the Bible.

Yes, Kathryn, there is much to ponder here, but, alas, pondering is becoming another lost art in this sad age of technology.

Cindy Thompson