Battle of the Banks seeks pet food donations for CCAS

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It started with a calico kitten dodging vehicles on Hwy. 227 and the Battle of the Banks was born. 

Anna Skirvin left her teller station at First National Bank of Carrollton to help a defenseless kitten find safety. She called Carroll County Animal Support President Sherry Stamper to see if someone could foster the kitten. CCAS members Cheri Martin and Robin Caldwell Welch drove over to pick up the kitten and proceeded to the veterinary office as the kitten was ill and malnourished.

Skirvin gave a donation for the kitten’s food, but said she wished there was something more that she could do for the homeless animals.

Through conversation with Martin and Welch, Skirvin learned of the many options of volunteer activity. The two members suggested that during this month’s Food Drive, she call the other banks and challenge them to collect more animal food than the First National Bank Branch.

Skirvin did just that. She called all six local banks and challenged them to collect more dog and cat food than her workplace.  All six have taken her up on the challenge.  Customers and employees of each of the banks will be hard at work from now through Sept. 10 attempting to raise more than the other.

There will be a Battle of the Banks Trophy awarded to the office with the most food.

“Never under estimate the power of one person,” Stamper said. If each bank collects a minimum of 300 pounds of food, the total is 1,800 pounds of food. 

CCAS Executive Director Tammie Crawford agrees, saying, “It all starts with one 5-pound bag of food.”

The kitten is doing great after a week’s worth of antibiotics and the warm attention of Debbie Skirvin and Ralph Martin, members of CCAS who are fostering her.  Reba (the kitten’s name because she is a survivor) is up for adoption. See all of the animals available for adoption from CCAS on Facebook’s Carroll County Adoptable Animals.

Skirvin’s efforts may end up collecting close to 2,000 pounds of animal food for Carroll County Animal Support.  CCAS members ask everyone to think what their efforts could do for someone or some organization.