Beck resigns as fire chief, options to be discussed

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By Jeff Moore

Carrollton Fire Chief Greg Beck tendered his resignation March 5, but has agreed to continue working in a part-time capacity to ensure a smooth transition until a new chief is named.

In a letter accepted by city council Monday night, Beck said he will leave the full-time post March 24 to take a position as a firefighter with another agency in Northern Kentucky.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working for City of Carrollton for the past three plus years,” he said in the letter. “I was afforded many opportunities here to train and grow into a better public servant, and I know that the knowledge gained will help me in my future endeavors. I look forward to a smooth transition and offer my assistance in any way possible while the city looks to hire my replacement.”

During the Monday meeting, Mayor Gene McMurry said he met earlier in the day with Beck and Assistant Chief Mike Terrell on ensuring the department leadership roles are covered during the transition.

“I appreciate him agreeing to stay around on a part-time basis,” he said.

McMurry said that Beck and Terrell have agreed to work with other senior officers to have an officer on call during the day.

Councilman Robb Adams is gathering information on what the city will need to do while it operates on the interim with a part-time chief.

“He’s working on all that to make sure we are up to snuff,” McMurry said.

McMurry wants to try to find another full-time chief, but wants council’s input.

“I definitely would like to stay with the full time because Greg has done so much on public relations work with the schools and businesses and everything,” he said. “My opinion is I would like to stay that way.”

Beck said he agreed to stay on in the part-time role to do the paperwork and to help keep the station up “so we don’t slide backwards between now and when three or four months down the road we put a chief in.”

On days Beck works in Northern Kentucky, he said that Terrell is going to flex his off days and be there during the daytime to answer phone calls.

“We have a schedule put in place of who is going to be available when,” Beck said, adding that dispatch also will have this information.

McMurry said with the information Adams and Beck are gathering for him that he hopes to have a plan of action in place to present to council at the March 25 meeting on how things will be handled until a new person can be put into place, if the council so desires.

Councilwoman Ann Deatherage asked when the mayor would start advertising the position.

McMurry said that will be done shortly, but he wants to have everything together on requirements for the position. “Before I begin advertising, I will make sure I have everything that they have to be able to do on the advertisement,” McMurry said

Beck said there are changes on what is required to be a full-time paid firefighter that took effect in January.

Councilman Mike Gordon said he believes the person should also be a telecommunicator, noting that Beck does fill in at dispatch.

Beck said he does that periodically, but not for entire shifts.

Gordon said he believes that should be included in the advertisement because the city “needs that coverage” and can’t afford to put on another person.

Police Chief Mike Willhoite said this should be reviewed for the replacement. “I believe that’s something we need to sit around the table and discuss — the route we want to go with the replacement for Greg here,” he said.

Gordon said this needs to be done before they advertise. Adams suggested this be part of the budget meetings this week, if possible.