Bills will aid families and help businesses to fairly compete

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As February has come to a close, we have our longest days ahead of us this March in the Capitol.

We have now completed 37 days of the legislative session. The next 23 days will surely bring us some longer hours as tough decisions will have to be made. Hopefully the weather here in Frankfort gets a little warmer in March too.

Gov. Steve Beshear signed Senate Bill 7 into law this week. The new law allows nurse practitioners to prescribe medication without a physician as long as they meet the requirements.

Ultimately this will provide more access to medical care, especially for citizens in rural areas.

Senate Bill 118 passed and will benefit families and individuals with eye conditions.

The legislation permits eye drops to be refilled more frequently and requires insurers to cover an additional bottle of prescription eye drops once every three months if needed for a child in day care or school.

It is critical that children with glaucoma have access to these drops to maintain their sight and eye health.

We passed Senate Bill 23, which will help small businesses compete.

Currently, movers have to receive approval from their competitors before receiving a certificate to be able to operate. This bill changes the language so that companies seeking to operate as movers can go directly to the transportation cabinet for that certification.

This allows more competition in the marketplace and helps keep prices competitive for consumers.

We passed Senate Bill 84, which requires entities that buy cars for scrap to run the vehicle identification number and ensure no liens or delinquent taxes exist. If such exists, the business cannot accept the vehicle.

We also passed Senate Bill 105 this week. This bill changes statute language to allow newspaper deliverers to be contract employees, not employees of the newspapers.

Newspaper carriers act as contractors as it stands, and this change allows the law to reflect what is in practice.

Other Senate bills with smaller impact on most Kentuckians passed. They addressed preventing state retirement spiking, employee classification and “house-keeping” bills that organized governmental offices and made certain functions more efficient.

I invite you to come to Frankfort for hearings of interest to you. 

Citizens are always welcome in our committee meetings. 

You can also view live-streaming and archived coverage of legislative proceedings at www.ket.org.

Also, the work of our caucus can be followed on twitter at @kysenategop.

If you have any issues or concerns, please call my office in Frankfort at (502) 564-8100.  I appreciate your time and input.


Senator Paul Hornback, R-Shelbyville, represents the 20th District including Carroll, Henry, Shelby and Trimble Counties, as well as part of Jefferson County.  He is the chairman of the Agriculture Committee and co-chairman of the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Committee. He is a member of the Government Contract Review Committee, the Transportation Committee, and as a liaison member of the Budget Review Subcommittee on Transportation.