Bunny’s death leaves woman heartbroken

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Pet was a prize on midway at Carroll County Fair


At the fair this year, you had a chance to pay to play to win a rabbit — a real, live bunny. I played June 11; it took me $5 from my boyfriend, a bucket of balls and luck to win, and I did. I ran over to the side of the fence where they were being kept.

All during the game I was watching the cage they were in wondering the type of rabbits there were and how I would be with it. I saw a gray/white rabbit hopping along and playing with the other bunnies. While I was watching them, I decided that gray/white bunny was the one I wanted. I cried with joy as I watched her in the box they gave me. My boyfriend and I drove to Walmart and he bought me some food for  her. At home, I made her a home out of all different size boxs I had.

As I celebrated my 18th birthday, it had been one week since I’d gotten my rabbit, I told her every day I loved her and I kissed her on the head. I named her Willow. 

She was my baby girl. In the morning I spoke to her to hear nothing; when I  went to check on her, she wasn’t moving. I pulled her out to see she was not  moving or anything.

I’ve cried so much, because I was really looking forward to watching her grow up and taking care of her.

Today I will bury her near the shed under a bed of flowers. Kissell Entertainment has animals that break  your heart.

Crystal Arteaga