C’ton Idol to pay tribute to wreck victims

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On behalf of the Carroll County Fair Association we would like to invite you to join us for a night of amazing talent and lots of fun. 

Carrollton Idol is the first singing competition to hit the fair in 103 years. Last year was the first year the exciting, heart-stopping show debuted. It held the largest audience to ever hit the fairgrounds holding more than 2,500 people that night. Season two of Carrollton Idol is predicted to have a much bigger crowd this year. There will be performances by the top 12 finalists.

Last year’s winner, Vanessa Birchfield, returns to the stage, host, Brandon Stewart will also be performing along with popular guest judge, Elvis Nelson (an Elvis tribute artist).

The show is specifically dedicated to the children who rode the bus that wrecked on Boone Road in October 2012. They will be singing “Hallelujah” in remembrance of the two children who died during that horrible tragedy and honoring the other passengers on board.

It will be an acapella version sung by Stewart with back-up vocals carried by the contestants in the competition. This song will be sung at the opening of the show.

Confirmed judge Elvis Nelson will be attending the big event as well. Nelson is a popular Elvis tribute artist from Cincinnati, Ohio.

A featured twist has been added this year during the entire first round. The audience can go online and vote for who they think should win it all. Simply add the Carrollton Idol Facebook fan page to your profiles and select uour favorite contestant in the poll that will be open for about an hour. It will last throughout the first round so be sure you have your cellphones, laptops and voting fingers ready.

Whoever is chosen as the fan favorite will continue in the competition as the ‘’wild card’’ and will pass into the second round.

The choice could be yours Carroll County. Who do you want to win? Come on out at 7 p.m., Saturday June 15.


Melanie Tomlinson Stewart

Carroll County Fair Board member