CAC honor roll

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Christian Academy of Carrollton recently announced its 2010-11 honor roll and perfect attendance for the fourth nine weeks.


All As: Austin Hicks, Ryan Hill, Charityn Marsh, Caleb Melton, Lilly Melton and Tess Noe.

A/B: Ella Hartman, Kira Lasley and Luke Shea.

Perfect attendance:Charityn Marsh.

First grade

All As: Paige Draney, Andrew Hill and Lindsay Huff.

A/B: Isabella Nelson, Whitley Cummings and Janalynn Hon.

Perfect attendance:Zachary Satchwell and Janalynn Hon.

Second grade

 All As:Caleb Dye, Jessy Martin, Dylan Miles and Rebecca Sutherland. 

A/B:Faith Thompson and Hannah Ratliff.

Perfect attendance:Jessy Martin, Rebecca Sutherland and Faith Thompson.

Third grade

A/B:Olivia Breeden, Devin McAlister, Victoria Nelson and Emma Noe.

Perfect attendance:Kyle McCormick.

Fourth Grade

All As:Madeline Watts, Rebekah Huff, Faith Dye and Matthew Hill.

A/B:Madison Carli.

Perfect attendance: Madison Carli, Madeline Watts, Rebekah Huff, Faith Dye and Jacob Matson.

Fifth grade

All As:Nate Newcomer.

A/B:Jaydon Berry, Sarah Cary, Dallas Garriot, Abigail Lusk and Casey Martin.

Sixth grade

All As:Shelby Acker-mann.

A/B:Cameron Crowder, Christina Rhea and Gillian Trimble.

Perfect attendance:Shelby Ackermann and Andrew Sutherland.

Seventh grade

A/B:Jessica Kamp-house.

Eighth grade

A/B:Alex Turner.

Perfect attendance: Jonathan Huff.

Ninth-12th grades

All As:Sergio Pascual (11) and Austin Martin (9).

A/B:Henry Canine (12).

Perfect attendance: Henry Canine (12).