Campground revenues/expenses released

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By Kristin Beck

Carrollton City Council got its first look Monday night at how the new Two Rivers Campground has performed in its first few months of operation.

Mayor Gene McMurry included the list of receipts and expenditures for the Two Rivers Campground in the packets for council members.

Overall, the campground has lost $22,542.11 as of Sept. 19, according to the paperwork. This does not include the loan repayment of $329,001 per year.

In fiscal year 2011-12, the park brought in $910.87, and the city spent $11,657.38. So far in fiscal year 2012-13, Two Rivers has brought in $3,274.71, while the city has spent $15,070.31.

Councilman Larry Morgan, who had requested the numbers for the past several meetings, said at the Sept. 10 council meeting that he is “representing the people” and does not want to see the city spending taxpayer money year-after-year on a costly project.

Mayor Gene McMurry said the campground will pay for itself, but to be patient and to give it a few years for the advertising and word-of-mouth to spread. He said he does not know of any business that would be turning a profit after just a few months in business.

“It’s not going to make money,” McMurry said at the Sept. 10 meeting, but it was important to spend the money on something that will bring people and money into the community.

McMurry and other council members pointed out that there were about 14 people staying at the campground during the Bands and BBQ at the Point festival this month, which is exactly what they had had in mind when it was built.

At the Sept. 24 meeting, Morgan said the city is way behind on its timeline with the park and asked if enough progress has been made. “I’m not trying to be negative,” he said, “I’m trying to be realistic.”


Citizen asks for holes in city roads to be addressed

Carrollton resident Russell Benhoff, who lives in the 1000 block of Seventh Street, said he approached Carrollton City Council in the spring about fixing multiple potholes in the city streets. He spent two days making a list of road improvements that need to be addressed and gave them to Public Works Supervisor Ronnie Knight, but they have not yet been fixed.

Benhoff said he talked to Knight, who told him some of the potholes belong to Carrollton Utilities, in particular the one on Seventh Street near Benhoff’s house.

Mayor Gene McMurry said he has kept Public Works busy all summer, but that the work load is lessening and he will ask Knight to address some of the roads, especially the one on Seventh Street.

Benhoff said it is his opinion that if the utility company breaks up the road for repairs, they should fix it in a timely manner. He said he would like to see the work done before snowfall.


City approves partial payment to Kevco

Mayor Gene McMurry said Dave Mefford of Kevco requested partial payment for work completed and in progress at the Two Rivers Campground bathhouse. Council approved paying $21,521.30 of the total $48,000 bill.

McMurry said Kevco has finished the walls and sanded the floors to address the grade in the bathhouse. He has asked them to hold off on finishing the floor until the campground closes because the bathhouse would need to be closed.


First reading to amend zoning approved

City council approved the first reading of the recommendation from Planning and Zoning to re-zone certain portions of the area bounded by Third Street to the west, Fifth Street to the east, Highland Avenue to the north and Sycamore Street to the south from C-1 commercial to R-3 residential. Mayor Gene McMurry said the board decided to make the change because the majority of the property in that area is residential and by changing it, they will now be able to make physical improvements to their homes.

Council decided to hold a special meeting Wednesday, Sept. 26 to approve the second reading.


City Attorney to resign effective Dec. 31

Attorney Nick Marsh submitted a letter to the city terminating his contract as City Attorney, effective Dec. 31. Mayor Gene McMurry said he is currently working on finding Marsh’s replacement. Begrudgingly, council unanimously voted to accept his resignation.


City Council waits on prices to move utilities underground

Mayor Gene McMurry updated city council on the proposal to take down the poles at Fifth and Main Streets across from Down on Main and Welch’s restaurants and put the utilities underground. He said representatives from Kentucky Utilities, Insight Communications and AT&T met to discuss the project.

McMurry said KU will take down the poles and mount the transformer on the ground next to Down on Main’s patio area. The city will need to provide the conduit and pay for the installation of a new sidewalk, costs Public Works Supervisor Ronnie Knight is researching. McMurry said the city is waiting on quotes from Insight and AT&T.

There is $35,000 budgeted in the sidewalk project line item for this fiscal year. If the cost is close to this amount, the mayor said he wants to get it done. However, he said he does not know if that will be enough to finish the project.


Hazard Mitigation Plan approved

City council voted to adopt the Northern Kentucky Area Development District Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan. Mayor Gene McMurry said council is voting to approve the official plan of the county. That plan won approval Tuesday morning for the county by Carroll County Fiscal Court.


Ramsey named to BOA

City council approved the nomination of Doug Ramsey to the Board of Adjustments. His term will end Dec. 31, 2014.