Caption should have been more sensitive

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By The Staff


This is in regard to the piece put in the paper for the Trimble County Youth League. (See Page 6, June 23, 2010, issue.)

In my opinion, this [league] is just for fun and a learning experience for years to come. It’s not that they lost. This is about having fun and learning the fundamentals of the sport. The parents yelling and screaming, and the editor of the paper putting in there that they took a “stomping” is appalling. The editor could have worded it any other way, because they are children.

Of course, as parents we would like to see [our children] win for their sakes; but as parents and adults, if they don’t win, we should support them and let them know how proud we are of them.

It should have never been paraded around in the paper that they were stomped. You could have found something positive to say about the Cardinals, also.

If you, as the editor, watched the game, you would have witnessed the effort our boys put into their games.

Beth Smith Bedford, Ky.