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Council takes action during Feb. 28 meeting

By Kristin Beck

City opens bids for disposal
of trash, collection of recyclables

Carrollton City Council unanimously passed Resolution 2011-07 allowing the city to offer for sale a franchise for the business of the collection and disposal of garbage, trash and debris and collection of recyclables in the city for residential and commercial customers.
Sealed bids must be mailed to city hall before 7 p.m. on Monday March 28 and will be opened at the regular city council meeting that night at 7 p.m.
The city will collect the monthly fee for garbage collection from Carrollton Housing Authority and residential and commercial customers and pay the franchise holder the fees collected for the previous month by the 15th of the following month. The franchise holder will pay the city a franchise fee of 2 percent of the gross revenue collected in the city, including both residential and commercial fees (including dumpster fees).
Among the franchise holder’s responsibilities is to pick up household garbage, including large appliances and furniture to be set out with a limit of one large piece per week, for each residential customer. The company must also provide one 14 gallon recyclable bin for collection each Tuesday.
For the city, the franchise holder must provide and empty a dumpster at seven locations selected by the city, free of charge. The size of the dumpster is at the city’s discretion.
The terms of the exclusive franchise will be for two, four or six years beginning June 1, 2011. However, any person, firm or corporation, including the franchise holder, can perform the same services by contract for industrial customers.

Rumpke holds the current contract, which expires on May 31.

Carroll apologizes
for holiday lights glitch

EasyPro Property Services owner DJ Carroll attended Monday’s Carrollton City Council meeting at the request of Councilman Kevin Craig. Craig said he asked him to attend after hearing Carroll speak recently about the downtown holiday lights, the main concern being the lights that fell down on the Siersdorffer Building at the corner of Main and Court streets.
EasyPro Property Services was hired to put up custom-cut, white LED lights along the rooflines of the buildings on Fifth Street, Court Street and Main Street between Fourth and Fifth streets in downtown Carrollton for the winter holidays for the next three years. Council agreed to pay half the cost, while four other local organizations equally paid the other half.
Carroll said he and his crew used the same two-step method to hang the lights he showed council before being awarded the job. However, because of the two-week deadline to put up the lights before the “A Christmas Carroll” event and very cold temperatures, the glue did not have enough time to set and froze. When the temperatures went back up, the glue got soft again, he explained. “It’s not going to happen again because this year, we won’t have so tight of deadlines.”
Carroll also said he will create an e-mail address where people can leave comments or complaints about the lights so they are all going to a central location.
“I just don’t think you met our expectations for this particular season,” Councilman Mike Gordon said, explaining he expected the lights to go up and be workable, not continuously fall down. “That’s not going to happen again this year?”
“Absolutely not,” Carroll said.

Amendment OK'd to city’s ordinance
regarding sexually oriented businesses

Carrollton City Council unanimously approved the second reading of Ordinance 2011-02 amending Ordinance 2004-01 for sexually oriented businesses at their meeting Feb. 28. The new amendment revised the distance that a sexually oriented business can operate or cause to be operated to 500 feet from the original 250 feet.
Appointments made to P&Z, BOA boards
Carrollton City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Haley Franklin to Planning and Zoning, term ending Dec. 31, 2012, and Patsy Stewart to Board of Adjustments term ending Dec. 31, 2014. The vote came at the Monday, Feb. 28 meeting.

Mayor, council want to promote
recycling in the community

During the designated time for comments Feb. 28, Councilman Adam Raker asked if the school system was separate from the sale of the franchise agreement council had just passed for the collection and disposal of garbage and the collection of recyclables for city residential and commercial customers. He asked because he thought it would be nice to have recycling in the schools.
Mayor Gene McMurry said the school is separate and he would also like to be able to educate more people in the community about recycling.
Teen Council member Danielle Wheeler said the Madison Wal-Mart recycles a variety of items, including batteries and plastic bags, and thought it would be nice if Carrollton’s Wal-Mart did the same.
McMurry said the easiest way to educate people is through the school system and asked Wheeler and Teen Council member Kevin States to talk to Carroll County High School Principal John Leeper about starting a program with the city. He said he would check with the EPA about promotional materials, as well as talk to Carroll County Schools Superintendent Lisa James.