Cartmell, Winn reflect on ‘50s, ’60s this week

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By Dave Taylor

While students at Cartmell Elementary School are celebrating the 1960s this week, Kathryn Winn Primary students are celebrating the decade of the 1950s. The special reflections are being held in conjunction with events scheduled at the schools Thursday and Friday.

Cartmell students are celebrating the 1960s in anticipation of opening a time capsule that was placed in a wall of the school during a construction project that occurred in the 1963-64 school year. The 1950s is the theme of Thursday’s Family Night at Winn Primary.

“The time capsule will be for public review on Friday, Feb. 26 at 9 a.m.,” School Superintendent Lisa James said during last Thursday’s meeting of the Carroll County Board of Education. The public is invited to the event, James said. Individuals who attended what was then known as the “U.S. 42 School” in 1963 are especially encouraged to attend. In later years the U.S. 42 School was renamed Richard B. Cartmell Elementary School in honor of the facility’s first principal.

“We have sent out invitations to some of those that we know were a part of that event” in 1963, James said. Due to a limited amount of available space current Cartmell students will view the opening of the capsule via closed circuit television in the school’s gymnasium, “so they can celebrate along with the people who are there,” she said.

“Our focus is not just on what we find in the wall,” Cartmell Principal Doug Oak said. “We want to connect our kids with the people who were in our building in the 1960s, and especially 1963, to see how much life has changed and how it’s different.”

Renovations currently underway at the school will enable school officials to access the capsule, James said. “They have started tearing the brick out on the back side toward Ghent.”

According to James, no one knows what artifacts from 46 years ago will be discovered. Contents from the time capsule will be displayed in the school for an undetermined period of time, school officials said.

Plans call for a new time capsule with items from present day to be placed somewhere on the school campus during the new construction, “so in another 50 years hopefully someone will open that one as well,” she said.

Kathryn Winn Primary Principal Sharon Haun told the board members that the 1950s will be the theme of Winn’s February Family Night, set to begin at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 25. The event has been postponed twice this month due to inclement weather, Haun said.

“We’re looking for people who were here in the ’50s and pictures of people who were in school in Carroll County in the ’50s so that our children will have a chance to meet them,” Haun said.

The school is planning a sock hop in coordination with Family Night.

“I invite all of you to come and dance with us,” she told the board members. The public is also invited to enjoy the event.