Catholic church to conduct census of Carroll County

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The Fifth Synod of the Diocese of Covington was completed in August 2006 and one of the policies signed into Diocesan law from the Synod was to conduct a census.

It is to be like any other census, all the households within the boundaries of the Diocese of Covington are to be surveyed. This is being done because the last census in the Diocese of Covington was taken in 1939.

Life has changed dramatically since the last census. People live in a very mobile society. People no longer are born, grow up, live and die in the same neighborhood as in years gone by. Such neighborhoods rarely exist any longer. People move and sometimes move often.

When a volunteer from St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church comes knocking at the door, be assured that members are not asking anyone to join the church. Those taking the census are simply gathering demographic information within the parish boundaries. In St. John’s case, it is all of Carroll County and part of Owen County.

For those who are not Catholic, the data collection will take less than a couple of minutes. Names, address, contact information, what church you go to, number of adults in home and the number of children in the home are the questions that will be asked.

The individual will be thanked for the cooperation and the volunteer will move on to the next address on their list. For the church’s purposes a notation will be made that the address was surveyed and the information that you provide will go to your church.

The first question is why is a census of the entire Diocese necessary?

Officials with the church say if they are to serve the people of God they must first know who and where they are. If they are to serve the needs of God’s people, they have to know who and where they are.