CCAS, Boyd say ‘good-bye’ to Spinner

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I am writing with a heavy heart tonight.  Our Carroll County Animal Support group suffered a loss this past week: little Spinner, about whom the News-Democrat featured an article recently left us. 


While this little dog had a rough beginning, beginning with being thrown out of the window of a moving car, he had tender love and care, first from Tammie Crawford and for the longest time from Leah Scott Hill and her daughters Savannah and Ashley. 

Our group held fund-raisers to help pay for some special vet visits for Spinner.  Cooper’s Restaurant donated a portion of dinner sales one Saturday night. The Kentucky Kruizers gave a large donation. We stopped traffic at Fifth and Highland on a Friday and Saturday. 

Spinner was on special medication and we were hopeful that he could regain some vision in one of his eyes.  He had learned to play a bit and as small as he was, cuddled with puppies even smaller.

But then he stopped eating or drinking and his kidneys failed, and we lost him. Members of our group keep in touch on Facebook, and I promise you, tears were shed as Tammie and Leah wrote of the last hours and passing of the small dog that had become our special mascot in our work to stop animal abuse and find homes for discarded or abandoned dogs and cats.

I lost my beloved Sable in August of 2008. I had vowed I would have no dog other than a standard poodle. Sable and her predecessors, Rosie and Daisy, were so smart, so regal, and behaved so appropriately (most of the time).   But as I worked peripherally with the CCAS, I saw so many wonderful dogs in search of  forever homes.  So last November, I volunteered to foster one of the dogs from the shelter, saving her from euthanasia.  Within a week, I knew I would be a failed foster.  This little terrier mix had found her forever home.  Smart, affectionate, easy to house train, she is my first small dog, my first lap dog.

We have many dogs like mine, waiting for someone to love.  Visit the Carroll County Animal Support page on Facebook.  Pictures are posted.  Come see us at our ‘Meet and Greet’ the third weekend of each month at the VF Outlet Mall or several other places throughout the year.  We need foster families and we love to get our dogs and cats adopted.  Yes, there is an adoption fee, but the charge covers all shots and the spay or neuter of the animal.  Food is provided for the animals that are in foster care.

It’s an ongoing struggle to save as many of the animals as we can and to raise funds to pay vet bills and provide food.  We have no affiliation with the county shelter other than we are allowed to pull as many from there as we can place.  This is an appeal  for others to come forward to volunteer to foster or to make donations to our cause.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization; donations are tax deductible.  Donations of food can be dropped off at Bartley Real Estate or the Carroll County Animal Clinic near the fairgrounds.  And I should say we are most grateful to all who have helped the animals in so many ways.

Join us in our efforts.  Report animal abuse.  Help us prevent another Spinner from happening.


Jarrett Boyd is the retired director of Carroll County Public Library.