CCMH, Norton collaborate to bring orthopedic surgeon to Carrollton

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By Jeff Moore

Local residents no longer have to leave the county to see an orthopedic surgeon with the addition of Dr. Chad Smith to providers at the Specialty Center at Carroll County Memorial Hospital.

Hospital Chief Executive Officer Harry Hays said Monday that they have not been able to provide these services because they could not find an orthopedic surgeon willing to come to Carrollton.

“Through collaboration with Norton Healthcare we have arranged for orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Chad Smith to provide services at CCMH several days per month,” he said.

Dr. Smith will be able to perform many surgical procedures of the shoulder, knee, hip, hand and wrist, and ankle at CCMH, Hays said. Those procedures that are more complicated will be sent to Louisville for surgery.

“Major orthopedic surgeries such as total joint replacements and spinal surgeries will be performed at Norton Audubon Hospital, however, patients from Carrollton who require rehabilitative care or follow-up appointments will be able to receive these services at CCMH,” Hays said.

The addition of orthopedics at the hospital ties in naturally with the physical therapy and occupational medicine programs that are offered. Hays said the majority of patients with orthopedic injuries do require some type of rehab with Physical or Occupational Therapy. “Both of these services are provided at CCMH,” he said.

Ther is a growing demand for orthopedics, Hays said, noting that the initial interest has been strong and he expects it to grow as more people know they can come to CCMH to see Dr. Smith.

“Patients seem to be well pleased with Dr. Smith and appreciate this new service being available at CCMH,” he said.

Dr. Smith earned his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine and completed his residency at the University of Toledo Medical Center in Ohio. He completed a sports medicine fellowship at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C.

In a recent interview while at CCMH, Smith said he is looking forward to working with patients in Carrollton. He said he knows there is a need for orthopedics in this community and it will make it easier for patients because they will not have to travel for the services they need.

Many arthroscopic procedures on the shoulder and knee, along with surgeries for ruptured tendons and torn cartridge can be performed at the Carrollton hospital.

In addition to meeting the general orthopedic needs of patients, Smith said he has additional training in sports medicine to assist athletes in the community.

Smith said most procedures are handled on an outpatient basis. He will be working with the physical therapy team at CCHM to develop the rehabilitation programs for his patients.

To contact Dr. Smith, contact the Specialty Center at (502) 732-3204.