Chaining dogs should be banned

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By The Staff


I would like to see a ban on having dogs chained. In Carrollton and Carroll County there is no law or ordinance that protects dogs from being chained up 24/7. Chaining is the cruelest punishment for social animals such as dogs that need exercise, affection and companionship. Many communities are beginning to pass laws banning dog chaining. I am asking that we in our community get behind such a law. Ask your magistrates and council members to support this. If they will work with us we could pass such an ordinance and have it enforced.

Why does a person get a dog if they don’t want to take care of it? Have you ever noticed that most people who chain their dogs always have them at the farthest place from their house usually right next to a neighbors property. Here are some of the negative points of chaining dogs. Chained dogs are more likely to bite, hang themselves on their chains, have heat strokes in summer and freeze to death in winter. Their collar can become embedded in their neck. They can be attacked by other animals and unspayed females can become pregnant adding to the over population of unwanted animals. Many times they will slowly starve to death because they cannot get food or water.

Just take time to walk or drive through the community and see the number of dogs that are living a bleak existence at the end of a chain.

One group you can join to help animals is the Carroll County Animal Support. It meets the first Thursday of each month at the downtown courthouse at 7 p.m. There is no membership fee.

Remember friends don’t chain their friends.

Patricia Perkins