Chowning pens children’s book

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Judy Chowning of Carrollton is the author is a new children’s book that illustrates the scenery of the Grand Caynon as it delivers a message about the appreciation for privileges of today’s modern world.

“Jacki and Jo’s Grand Canyon Adventure” is a simple story about a young girl named Jacki Ann, who, in the beginning, was hesitant to take the trip to the Grand Canyon.

Convinced by her mother to come, Jacki Ann finds herself opening up to a great, new adventure — allowing her to take a glimpse at the simplicities of the past through the eyes of her Great Grandma Jo.

A major part of the story revolves around the experience of the young version of Great Grandma Jo, whose family sought for a better settlement in a new place called Arizona. It depicts how, like Jacki Ann, young Jo was very guarded about such  transition.

Leaving the comforts of her home in Missouri, along with some of her favorite toys and most of her family’s furniture behind, young Jo’s family took on a challenging adventure. With very limited supplies to suffice their survival and battling the many harsh elements around them, Jo, along with her family finally reachers her destination — a place that they then called home.

Realizing the hardships that her Great Grandma Jo experienced just to get to the west, Jacki Ann finally begins to develop a deep sense of appreciation and understanding about the symbolic place of her roots — the Grand Canyon.

The book is described as  a light read that can educate children about the moral learned from the past and how these values transcend into the present.

Chowning said that working as a teaching assistant in Carroll County Schools, she noticed she could not find fictional books that told a story to children that highlighted information on history.

That summer, she said, she visited  the Grand Canyon with her husband and wished her students could enjoy nature’s wonders as she had on this visit.

“So Jacki and Jo’s Grand Canyon Adventure was started as we drove home through Arizona, giving both the information of the present day visit and the way of the past,” Chowning said. “Now that I am retired, I felt it was time to give those students that don’t always get the opportunity to travel a taste of their country and history in one book written just for them.”

Chowning will visit with students at Carroll County Middle School at 9:20 a.m., Sept. 26 to discuss publishing a book.

In October, she will be in classrooms at Kathryn Winn to talk about writing and publishing a book.

Chowning will hold a book signing at Carroll County Public Library during November.