Citizen announces candidacy

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By The Staff

To the editor,

In November 2002 election I ran for the office of Bedford City Commissioner and was elected. I served the two-year term learning all I could regarding what is expected of the city. I feel I was very loyal to the residents of this city. I know I managed to change a few things for the better. I listened to the people and tried to do what I could. As my term was soon to end, I decided to run once again. I knew I was up to the task, yet I also knew there was still much I needed to learn. I once again chose to run in the November 2004 election. I have to be honest in this election, and tell you that no one ran against any of the commissioners in that election. I then served another two years as one of your commissioners.

As most of you now I chose to run for Mayor in the 2006 election. Yes, I lost that race by a very few votes, yet I also know that you are a great winner, whether you win or lose. It takes a strong person to except losing and I feel I am that type of person. I have raised my children and also my grandchildren to believe you are a winner just by stepping up to try new things in life.

Once again I have chosen to run for Bedford City Commissioner in the November 2008 election. I have served over 30 years as a public servant and I can promise you I am a loyal, truthful person. I have been accused of being a person that stands up and speaks what she believes in and I have to agree with that. I am not a person that tells you what I think you want to hear and then does the complete opposite.

I will say again and again, “I am for running a sidewalk between our two schools.” You all know that is a goal I hope I will see someday. To promise you I can do that at this time would be lying to you, yet I still think someday it will be done.

I ask for your vote on November 4. As one of your Bedford city commissioners as I feel I will be a great asset to our community.

I would like to stress to you that it takes four commissioners to have a body. This means you can vote for four people out of the seven listed on the ballot. In the past there were some residents that did not know this.

Brenda S. Terry

Bedford, KY