City Council | Feb. 13, 2013

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By Kristin Beck

City opts to hire seasonal workers for campground

When the Two Rivers Campground opens this spring, it will be staffed by seasonal workers, not a contractor.

City council opted to hire seasonal workers because it will save the city money.

Mayor Gene McMurry said he believes the city can hire one employee to start with before adding more later in the season. He will discuss job description ideas with each councilmember before City Attorney Ed James writes it up for approval.

In the FY 2013-14 budget, the RV park will be separated into its own department under the mayor’s direct supervision, McMurry said. Until then, the worker will fall under Carrollton Public Works.

Councilman Dwight Louden said the city doesn’t have the money in this year’s budget for the seasonal worker.

“Not really,” McMurry said, adding that a budget amendment will need to be written, and the money will be taken from somewhere else until the next budget is written.

The mayor said he hoped to have a job description for council to approve by the next meeting, Feb. 25.


Apartment complex moves into final planning stage

City council approved the final plans for a new proposed apartment complex in Carrollton. A public hearing will be held before construction can begin.

At its previous meeting, Carrollton Planning and Zoning Commission approved the final plans for an apartment complex to be built by Paul Kemper in the 1200 block of Gillock Avenue. The plans call for two two-story apartment buildings, each with eight apartments. Two townhouses also will be built, one on each end of the apartments. A planned third building could also be built in the future; however, the plans would need to be approved again by city council.

The public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. March 4 before the next planning and zoning meeting.


Raisor, Zapp, Woods presents audit

Carrollton City Council approved the FY 2011-12 audit, presented by Raisor, Zapp and Woods Monday night.

Jerilyn Zapp presented the governmental funds piece of the audit. Total assets for the city were about the same, however cash and liquid assets were down $1.75 million. The city held a lot of cash in preparation to build the Two Rivers Campground and pay the outstanding debt, Zapp said.

The city also spent a lot of money last year “investing in the future of Carrollton,” she said. The city spent money on new fire and police vehicles, access doors in the city, and equipment and machinery for public works.

Current liabilities were down from $521,000 to $391,000, and the city paid down $292,000 of its long-term liabilities, she said.

Dennis Raisor said the net worth of Carrollton Utilities increased by about $1 million compared to last year. Current assets were $9.8 million, while total assets were $49 million. Revenues decreased from about $46 million last year to $38 million this year due to gas prices, he said.

“Carrollton Utilities operates in the black, as it has to,” Raisor said.


City looks into new entrance signs

Carrollton Main Street Program manager Sam Burgess presented city council with research he had accumulated from two businesses specializing in city entrance signs. In previous council meetings, Burgess had asked the city to look into improving the look of the signs visitors see when coming into Carrollton.
ABC Sign Company of Cincinnati designed the city entrance signs in Warsaw, while Green Sign Company of Greensburg, Ind., designed the Tandy, Eckler, Riley funeral home sign. Burgess said this was for informational purposes only and did not expect action to be taken that evening.


Upcoming events

Feb. 18: Carroll County Schools will be in session to make up for the snow day.

Feb. 22: Carrollton Utilities Commission meeting at 8 a.m.

Feb. 28: Carrollton public forum at 7 p.m. at Carroll County Middle School

March 12-13: Carrollton City Council special meetings will be held at city hall to discuss department budgets.

Sept. 12: Carroll County Senior Event will be held at Point Park in Carrollton.