City’s code enforcement must be more accurate

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By The Staff


We have a concern about the City of Carrollton’s code enforcement ordinance. A few days ago Mr. Zook, from the city office came to our house saying that we had some tires in the back of our garage that needed to be picked up.

We did have a couple of tires in the shed at the back of our garage so we picked them up, still wandering what they were hurting when they were in our shed (under cover). A few days later we get a registered letter from the city saying we were being charged $50 a day because the tires had not been cleaned up. I think that Mr. Zook and any city official needs to check on whose property they are complaining and making accusations about, before they waste the city’s money in sending out registered mail and causing people a lot of worry when it’s not on their property.

Mr. Zook finally did say he was sorry. But shouldn’t our city officials be more alert to their jobs and not make these mistakes.

Carolyn and Ernest Boram