Communication is an important part of 4-H youth development

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If you ask many 4-H alumni to name one of the most valuable life skills they learned during their 4-H careers, many would list the confidence gained through participating in communications projects. 4-H youth development strives to equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to become successful adults. Effective communication and public speaking skills are vital to tomorrow’s leaders.
Communications projects include activities like speech and demonstration projects. In speech competitions, 4-H’ers research and present information on a topic of interest to them. In demonstration projects, they explain how to complete a specific task of their choosing. Through mock job interviews, senior 4-H’ers can gain skills that may one day land them their dream job.
Participation in speech and demonstration contests helps 4-H’ers master communication skills, become more independent, gain self-esteem and generously share their expertise. As they develop their projects, young people sharpen their critical thinking and organizational skills.
More than 300 of 4-H’s most effective communicators showcased their public speaking abilities when they competed during the 4-H State Communications Day July 12 on the University of Kentucky campus. The event is sponsored by the Kentucky Corn Growers’ Association. Many of the participants qualified for the event by winning either a speech or demonstration competition at the county and district level.
The following individuals represented Carroll County during the state 4-H Communications Day:
Gabby Bowen received fourth place in state completion with her demonstration on “Sew Much Fun;”
Abigail Rose received third place in the state competition with “How to Unfreeze Frozen Pipes;” and Cheyenne Smith received fourth place in the state with “How To Bottle Feed A Baby Calf.”
4-H wants young people to be confident, whether they are speaking in front of a small group or a large auditorium.


Joyce Doyle is the Carroll County Extension agent for 4-H and youth development. Call her at (502) 732-7030 or send e-mail to JWDoyl2@email.uky.edu.