Concern raised over school tax rate hike

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By The Staff


It is a well known fact that we are going through tough economic times. Most of us have experienced higher rates on our utilities. Also the cost of the basic necessities of life have gone up. Many people are struggling to make ends meet.

A couple of weeks ago the paper reported that the county and the Ghent fire district were going to leave taxes at their present rate. I don’t remember seeing anything about the school board’s tax proposal so I thought I would share what I found out at the Aug. 26 hearing and the board meeting that followed. 

The hearing invited comments from the public concerning a tax raise. Since I didn’t think it was the right time to raise taxes, I went to voice my concerns. At the beginning of the hearing the ground rules were stated, each speaker should state their name and address. There would be a limit of five minutes per speaker and time would be kept. There would be no discussion. Not much time was needed since there were only two people present to speak about the tax raise. At the end of the half hour set aside for the hearing, the board meeting started.

Item 11D on the agenda read as follows “approve setting personal and real estate property tax rate.” When the time came to vote on this item, all five board members raised their hands in approval and the tax raise passed. There was no discussion.

In conclusion, let me say that I am not against education. Every child needs and deserves a quality education. I just don’t know how much more can be put on the average consumer and taxpayer.

Cassandra McBurney,

Sanders, Ky.