Congrats to scholars

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By Lorrie Kinkade

To the editor,

Every year the Governor’s Scholars Program is open to any school in Kentucky. For the past two years, Trimble County High School has had five students each year participate in the program. Each year the students applying have to fill out a lengthy application including extra-curricular activities, ACT score, and an essay. This year the program had budget cuts, making the program harder to get accepted in to.

This year Trimble County High School had 3 accepted into the program: Kayla Adkins, Jordan Garrison, and Ben True. Kayla Adkins and Jordan Garrison attended Bellarmine University. Kayla’s focus area was the healthcare industry and Jordan’s focus area was film studies. Ben True attended Morehead State University and his focus area was political and legal issues.

All three of the students finished the program becoming Governor Scholars. They are all now eligible for scholarships across Kentucky. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate these students on their well earned accomplishments.


Adkins Family, Garrison Family, and True Family