County 4-H shooter top scorer in Bluegrass Games Shoot

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On July 10th, three Carroll County 4-H Shooting Sports Club members, Dustin Rosenbaum, Elizabeth Mouzakitis and Lauren Wright,participated in the 2011 Kentucky Bluegrass Games Shooting Sports at the Anderson County Sportsman Club in Lawrenceburg, Ky.  The Bluegrass Games is an annual event similar to the Olympics, open to citizens of Kentucky of all ages with athletic events in a large variety of sports.  The events usually have classifications based on age and/or athletic abilities.

The 4-Hers competed in both the Three Position Small Bore Match and the Dewar Match.  The Three Position Match requires shooting a total of 60 shots, 20 shots each in the prone, standing and kneeling positions at a distance of 50 yards with aperture sighted rifles.  Wright elected to compete this year in the Women’s Open class and took the Gold Metal in her class with a score of 445 out of a possible 600.  This score also placed her in a second place tie for the overall aggregate top score in the Three Position match.  Mouzakitis scored a 434 shooting in the Junior Class which bought her the Junior Class gold medal.   

A surprise for Carroll County this year was Dustin Rosenbaum who missed shooting in the 2010 Bluegrass Games by two weeks because of an age requirement that shooters must be at least 12 years old.  Dustin shooting in the Sub-Junior Class this year scored 460 out of a possible 600.  This score was not only enough to give him the gold medal, but placed him as the overall top shooter in the Three Position Match, quite an accomplishment for a 12 year old.

The Dewar Match requires shooting a total of 40 shots in the prone position, 20 shots from 50 yards and 20 shots from 100 yards with aperture sighted .22 cal. rifles.  Wright took the Gold in the Women’s class with a score of 351, Mouzakitis took the Gold in the Junior Class with a score of 312 and Rosenbaum took the Gold in the Sub-Junior Class with a score of 334. 

According to 4-H Target Rifle Coach Tom Dapron, this is the third year in a row that Lauren Wright has won two gold medals in the Kentucky Bluegrass games.  Lauren will be attending Western Kentucky University starting the end of August, but hopes to get home to compete in her final 4-H State Match in September.