Court dismisses Maiden suit against police, city

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By Sharon Graves

The News-Democrat

A lawsuit against former Carrollton police officer Rodney Hawkins, the City of Carrollton and several others filed by Danny Maiden has been dismissed after nearly three years in the court system.

Maiden claimed in his suit filed August 4, 2006 he had been wrongfully arrested by Hawkins following a domestic incident at Riverdaze, a music festival, at Point Park in Carrollton on August 6, 2005.

Maiden brought the suit against Hawkins, CPD chief Mike Willhoite, Carroll County jailer Mike Humphrey, Ron Holloway, detention center employee, then mayor Ann Deatherage and Judge Elizabeth Chandler-Lester.

The case has played out all possible avenues as it bounced around in state, federal and U.S. District courts and ended because in March Judge Stephen Bates, Circuit Court judge ordered Maiden to appear before the court with his attorney April 13 or the case would be dismissed.

Neither Maiden or his attorney appeared at the April court date and Bates did dismiss the case.

"We are very pleased this case has been dismissed," police chief Mike Willhoite said.  "This is vindication for us and I am happy with the outcome for the department and officer Hawkins."