Daisy Troop appreciates supporters

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We would like to extend a huge “thank you” to the following people and places for making our float such a huge success for the Tobacco Festival. 

To Lloyd Jackson, thank you for putting up with us and allowing us to use your garage and equipment for the parade for the past three weeks to make this all possible.

To JJ Ward, Sports Obsession and Convenient, thanks to all of you for not only your hard work, but your great ideas and dedication to seeing that we had one beautiful float and finished in time.

Thanks to Ghent Forest (Ray Sthal) for the donations of wood for our float and Simon Fox Jr., for the donation of hay, so our girls would have something to sit on.

Thanks to Amy Griffin for the pumpkins.  Last but not least of course we could not have made this happen without our girls and the parents of those girls, as well as our parents, family and friends for being so giving of their time, and understanding in what we were trying to accomplish.  Again, thanks to all of the above for making our float so successful.


Avona Mefford

Christina McArter

Daisy Troop 337