Derbies bring money, tourism to county

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By The Staff


As I sat on a bleacher Oct. 11 at the Carroll County Fairgrounds around the demolition derby ring, I gazed out at the humongous crowd attending the 2008 Fall Brawl.

I’ve attended several of these events in the past, but on Saturday we had enthusiasts from Southern Kentucky, Northern Ohio, Indiana and other surrounding states and surrounding counties. The comments made by these visitors were very complimentary to our promoters, the Fair Board, the county and the participants of the derby.

Some commented that the Carroll County derby is one of the best they have attended, and that it was  well worth the expense of travel and lodging. They also said they love the competitiveness of the participants.

Also, our visitors were heard saying they cannot wait until spring for the next derby event, and were hoping it will be just as good or better than this one. The derby started at 8 p.m. and lasted well into the early morning.

Then I purchased my News-Democrat on Wednesday and on the front page was an article reflecting the City Council meeting on Monday night. I couldn’t believe some of our local demolition derby drivers were possibly being fined for breaking the nuisance ordinance by having their derby cars on their property. To me, personally, the demo derby is one event you can enjoy at any age and with your whole family. The participants spend a lot of time and money making their cars ready, and to be within the guidelines of the derby.

I cannot understand after the attendance Saturday and the revenue it brought into the fair board and the county, how this can be done.

I think as far as breaking the nuisance ordinance, there are a lot more “eyesores” than a derby car in this city. And they do not contribute to the tourism or the money that was brought into the county. These problems should be looked into first.

Glenna Dellaquila