Diabetes support group to learn about body language

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At the Thursday, Oct. 10, meeting of the It’s About You! Diabetes Support Group, the program will be “Your Body Language is Telling.”

The session runs from 10 a.m. to noon at the Exten-sion office.

Body language can support or clarify what you are saying verbally, or it can negate or lessen a verbal message. We invite residents with diabetes or others interested to attend this monthly meeting. A light sampling a food with lower carbohydrates, fat or sugar will be provided. 

Texiles update

I will teach the Extension Homemaker October Learn with Us! session, “Update on Textiles for the Home” Thursday, Oct. 10, at 6 p.m. at the Extension Office. Join us to learn some new information about textiles including SMART textiles for today’s homes. All interested residents are invited.

Reduce waste

America Recycles Week is not until Nov. 11-17 giving you more than a month to start recycling or planning what you want to recycle to reduce extra clutter inside and outside your home. And the weather is better now than later to be moving trash and disposing of items you do not need or want!

Ashley Osborne, Extension associate for environment and natural resource issues, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture shares these timely tips to help you take charge of recycling issues that will even reduce a need to recycle.

When shopping, do you think about the amount of trash that will result from your purchases? Most of us don’t. But, if you consider that the average American creates about five pounds of waste per day (only half of which is recycled in some manner), making waste-wise shopping choices is key if we want to reduce the amount of waste that is deposited in landfills. Consider these questions the next time you shop:

• Do I really need this product?

• Do I have room for it?

• Can I borrow or rent this instead of buying it?

• How will I dispose of this item?

• How long will the product last?

• Can I buy a concentrated product instead?

• Can I buy in bulk instead of small quantities?

• Is there a refill or refillable product available?

• How many layers of packaging does the product have?

• Can the layers of packaging be easily separated?

• Can I recycle part or the entire package?

• Can I buy a similar product that has less packaging to be thrown away?

On your next shopping trip take a few minutes to consider the impact your purchases will have on our trash and landfills.  Now if I could only reduce that junk mail I receive daily that ends up in the trash bin.

Extension at the festival

We invite all residents to stop by the Extension tent at this year’s tobacco festival this Thursday, Oct. 3-5, downtown in Carrollton.

Joyce, Christin and I will have displays and demonstrations featuring different aspects of our programs — 4-H youth development, agriculture and natural resources and family and consumer sciences — plus the Extension Homemakers, RiverView Farmers Market, Farm Service Agency and Carroll County Soil Conservation Service will be set up under the tent.

You will learn a lot about our programs and may want to become more involved.

We hope you will stop by to visit us.

Dates of interest

Oct. 10:Diabetes Support Group “What Your Body Language Tells,”  10 a.m. to noon, Carroll County Extension Office.

Oct. 10: “Update on Textiles,” Homemaker lesson, 6 p.m., Extension office.

Oct. 15: Extension Homemakers area annual meeting,  9 a.m.-2 p.m,  Erlanger. Register now. Information can be found in the Homemaker October newsletter.

Oct. 15: Carroll County All Extension Council meeting,  6 p.m., Extension office.


Grace Angotti is Carroll Co. Extension agent for family and consumer sciences. Call her at (502) 732-7030 or send e-mail to gangotti@uky.edu.