Diet or excerise: Which is best way to lose weight?

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If present trends continue, 43 percent of Americans will be obese in just the next eight years. Obesity is contributing to the public health nightmare in the United States.

In spite of spending more money per capita on medical care than any other country, we rank 31st in the world in life expectancy and 19th in deaths from preventable conditions, such as obesity. 

Experts have argued vigorously about the causes of the obesity epidemic. Some say that physical inactivity is the culprit, while others claim that increased caloric intake is the cause.

Critics of the physical inactivity hypothesis claim that the caloric expenditure from exercise is not significant enough to slow the spread of obesity. 

The  Journal of  Obesity and Weight Management states that caloric restriction and exercise are necessary for weight control and that concentrating on just one is not the wisest choice.

My beliefs on this issue look at not so much the number of calories taken in but the quality of those calories.

Many in the industry will tell you a calorie is a calorie from a macronutrient standpoint. It is hard to wrap the mind around a carbohydrate from a Tootsie Roll being the same as that of brown rice or a sweet potato.

The level of processed foods we as Americans take in is alarming. You can look at the bodies of high school students over the decades and see as the food has changed, so have the kids’ bodies.

Less produce and clean proteins being cooked and eaten at home has got almost all of us with bulging waistlines at younger and younger ages and carrying over into our adult lives.

This leads us to the increased inactivity levels by all Americans. With the advancements in TV, computers, video gaming and social media addictions, we have become more of a sit and complain than get up and take action society. 

So to answer the question, which is better?


It has to be a combined hybrid of consistent attention to clean eating and moderate to intense exercise on a very consistent basis. Consistency is the key.

Making time for exercise and food preparation has to be made an appointment in your day just like going to the doctor, dentist or going shopping.

Slow down your lifestyle and get back to living and be healthy for your families to enjoy for many decades.

Next month we will get into the ease of eating and cooking clean.

Tip for the month

Slow down the speed at which you eat. Eating too quickly does not allow the body’s natural hormone signals of fullness to register in the brain, which can cause overeating.


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