Dog owners must control their pets

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My mother loves to walk Max, her Boston Terrier. Monday, April 1 while walking him, she saw some girls walking a black German Shepherd in their direction. So, as mom always does, she began to cross the street with Max as to avoid the two dogs crossing paths.

The German Shepherd broke the leash and attacked/jumped my mom and Max  knocking my mother down onto the street. She couldn’t get up.

Max was trying to fight the big dog off. Mom said finally the girls got the dog by the collar, pulling it off of her.

She said she “liked to never got up” off the street.

Mom was traumatized yet she didn’t tell me until she was in bed and although she did not mention this before, I knew there was something wrong. She wasn’t herself, yet she said nothing until bedtime and she still wasn’t speaking well.

She says she was fine the next day but that is not the point. There are several things wrong with this situation.

I am an animal lover, and am not asking that the dog be harmed; however, what I do want is for that dog to not be walked by girls who can’t control it.

The owners need to know what happened so they can make sure it doesn’t happen again, to my mom, or anyone for that matter. The list of “what ifs” is endless.

The dog is a black German Shepherd with amber eyes. This incident occurred near the intersection of Sixth and Hawkins streets.

Crystal Mary Murphy