Donation with a twist: Toddler, 3, raises $40

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Money presented to library to buy books

By Amanda Hensley


The News-Democrat

Kathryn Fultz caught the reading bug at Toddler Time and decided to help raise money to help other children at the Carroll County Public Library catch it as well.

With help from the Sunkist “Take a Stand” program, the toddler opened a lemonade stand and raised $8.25, which she gave to the library to help buy more books for Toddler Time and its other reading programs.

The twist: She’s only 3.

Her mother Staci, rounded the total up to an even $10 and matched it; her grandmother matched that amount, bringing the total donation to $40.

“I want to buy ‘Fancy Nancy’ books,” which is her favorite series, Kathryn said.

“I was really proud of her,” said Sutherland. “She’s an exceptional child.”

Sutherland said they are going to consult with Kathryn to determine which “Fancy Nancy” books to buy.

Sutherland said Kathryn and her stand will be at the library’s Summer Reading program picnic, which is tomorrow starting at 5 p.m.

The “Take a Stand,” program invites kids to sell lemonade to raise money for their favorite charities by providing the stands. Information about the program is available on the company’s Web site, which states that 15,000 children across the country participated in the program last year.

Kathryn operated the stand at her mother’s yard sale two weeks ago, Fultz said, adding that her daughter has attended Toddler Time every Tuesday morning for two years. She loves to read and chose to donate the money to the library so that other children could have books to read.

Staci said she usually checks out 20 books at a time for Kathryn, who often reads for an hour a day.

“She would rather read then play with toys,” Staci said. “We have such a wonderful library, and her father and I are so proud that she is helping to continue to keep the library interesting and to hopefully help bring in other children.”

Fultz said they plan to use the stand throughout the summer to continue raising money for the library.

For more information, visit www.sunkist.com and click on the “kid’s” section.