Drug recovery program nets record amount

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The Carrollton Police Department’s pharmaceutical recovery program collected a record amount of prescription drugs in 2012.

The department collected 137,728 pills, 5.5 gallons of liquid medication, 389 inhalers and 262 patches. The drugs have a street value of $42,000, according to Carrollton Police Chief Michael Willhoite.

“In 2012 we collected more pills, liquids and other medications than we have in previous years,” Willhoite said. “This program has not only been utilized by our local citizens, but we have noticed a lot of addresses from other counties in our area have been using the boxes.”

The items were collected from the stationary boxes at the Carrollton Police Department, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and Carroll County Memorial Hospital. A mobile box is available for use throughout the community, and this year it was placed at industries as well as public events.

The program is funded through a grant obtained by the Carrollton Police Department.

“Due to the drug problem that our communities are facing, any medications of abuse that we can remove from people’s homes and the streets is a plus,” Willhoite said.