Even when life gets dark, God always keeps his promises to his people

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God always keeps his promises. He has made a ton of them to his children throughout the scriptures and continues even today to do so.  A promise is the assurance that someone gives to another so they can know by faith, while they wait, the task will be completed.

We don’t realize how much we need God’s promises until our smooth and easy lives suddenly turn down a path of demise.  At times we get off the beaten path of our walk with him and end up in a dense forest of struggle.  Sometimes that forest in reality is a sickness, a lost job, marital problems, friendship issues or even just life in general.  We think he isn’t there. We think he has abandoned us. But in reality, he is always by our side. He has promised to be.

Christian life would always be easy if the space in time between when you claim God’s promises and when you receive what he promised would always be small. Pray for it one day and get it the next. Wow – wouldn’t that be great!? But life’s not like that.  If that were the case, we would be spoiled and never have faith in him.

The difficult part is in the waiting between the promise and the answer; and even more difficult, when the waiting comes with uncertainties.  Where’s this going? Where am I going to end up? What’s my future look like? 

The reality is, we just don’t know, and it’s this not knowing that crushes us. We doubt because we don’t know the whens, ifs, whys, hows, whos and such.

We worry and despair because we don’t know all the answers. We falter and sometimes give up – all because we don’t know the answer. If only we knew how and when this trial was going to end, we would be OK. We don’t, but that doesn’t mean God has left our side. He promised to be there. 

I can take a bad day. I can take a bad month. I can even take a bad year or bad decade, if I have to, as long as I know and when and how it will end. 

We all have areas of unknown where we need to hold on to what God has promised. His promises are what we cling to while we wait for him to work. Our faith is in God. He knows what he has promised; he can’t lie, and he can’t forget. He will deliver on time, every time. Who else can make promises like that?

Now I wish I could tell you that it always figures out perfectly in the manner we want, but I would be lying to you. We don’t always understand his answers … yes, no or wait a while longer.

We are human and the Scriptures state his ways are better than our ways.  That’s when we get aggravated and begin to tell him how it should have been answered. It took too long! I wanted the answer completely different! I know how it should be!

Do you ever wonder if Jesus probably looks at us and shakes his head in amazement.“If they would only follow my lead, how much better life would be for them,” he might say.

Jesus knows the best for us and always keeps his promises to those who follow him. But the promises of eternal life and the assurance of hope in heaven are what make God’s promises exceedingly great and precious. I am glad he never goes back on his promises. I look forward to seeing him some day. He has promised you and me that fact, if we live for him. That’s his promise.


The Rev. David W. Croucher is the pastor at First Apostolic Church in Carrollton, Ky.