Family appreciates those who serve

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This letter is in dedication to all of our community firefighters, policemen and women, EMTs and first responders.

We think, in general, people, and including ourselves, have taken these very special and much needed people and their service to our community for granted.

No matter how great or small the need, they are putting their own lives in danger to protect, aid and serve us in our times of need. We want to say “thank you” for everything you do for the people in our community. As small as our town may be, you stand on the front lines just as tall and prepared as those in the bigger cities — ready to give your lives in order to save others.

We have lost a beloved friend of many years, Bruce Westrick. Bruce was a dedicated fireman all his adult life, faithfully and always there to serve and protect. At his service, we watched in awe at the honor, respect, dignity and reverence these fellow brothers and sisters on the fire department gave to Bruce and his family.

We watched at how solemnly reverent they were in honor of Bruce. We saw the loss in their faces and heard the sadness in their softly spoken words; we witnessed firsthand the “brotherhood” that Bruce was so proud to be a part of. A family that, even in the end, was there commemorating one of their own.

We say thank you and God bless and keep each of you, as you carry on and continue your service to our community.

Lester and Glenda Osbourne