Farm tags benefit 4-H, FFA, Kentucky Proud

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The 4-H, FFA and Kentucky Proud Program has a $10 voluntary donation that goes directly to support these vital programs, according to a news release from Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer and Carroll County Clerk Alice W. Marsh.

4-H and FFA develop future farmers and rural leaders, and the Kentucky Proud marketing program promotes Kentucky-grown and Kentucky-made agriculture products.

In the past, there was much confusion over where this money was spent and the KDA lacked the transparency to be held accountable. However, Comer said one of his very first acts as commissioner was to enter into a formal agreement with the Kentucky FFA Foundation and the Kentucky 4-H Foundation to split the Farm Tag proceeds three ways. These proceeds help local farmers market their products and help our local 4-H and FFA chapters pay for supplies, travel expenses to contests and conventions and badly needed scholarships.

Comer said he wants to assure state residents that every parent of a child in the 4-H and FFA appreciates our efforts to help their local chapters raise money, especially during a time when local school systems and local extension offices have to make drastic cuts on extracurricular activities.

The fiscal year ended June 30, 2012, for the farm license plate donation program and this past August at the Kentucky State Fair, Comer presented checks to the Kentucky state FFA officers and the Kentucky 4-H state officers for $121,708.64 each.

Comer asks for the continued support for the 2013 Farm Tag voluntary $10 donation program. This voluntary donation is assessed on each of the farm tag renewals. Please consider giving to this worthwhile program. When renewing farm tags in March just indicate to the staff in Marsh’s office that you would like to donate to the Farm Tag program.