Father Davy continues ministry in Kenya

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I continue enjoying my ministry in Kenya in good health and high spirits. I am now in a new parish, where the local language is Kikuyu.

I celebrated my first Mass in Kikuyu last Saturday. I visited couple of orphanages and one hospital run by the diocese. The hospital has a special ward to take care of the unwanted babies and orphans. There are more than 50 children and young adults who are physically and mentally challenged.

The parents have either died or abandoned them at the hospital. It was a heart-breaking experience for me to visit these little angels who can’t even move from their beds. I felt so proud of the sisters from India who take care of them dearly.

They struggle financially to take care of their daily needs. I felt heart-broken by the time I finished my visit.

The parishioners of St. Teresa parish where I am now have been struggling to seal the leakage of a 10,000-gallon water tank. It has been leaking since last year. When I saw it, I recommended to purchase a new plastic water tank and put inside the present steel tank that had a strong foundation. They all agreed.

We bought a 5,000-gallon water tank. It was not easy to lift the humongous and heavy tank to
30 feet above ground level without any crane or machine. After working hard manually with more than a dozen men, finally we succeeded to accomplish the mission.

We did it on Saturday. By the time we finished the job, I felt lot of pain all over my body. I am glad nobody got hurt and I could do something in the parish coordinating the men who worked hard wholeheartedly.

Father Kuvungal Davy, CMI