Fence around RV park, splash park a must

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First of all, reading your article concerning fence screening to hide unsightly areas near the RV park — great idea! As I proceed down the list  of positive ideas concerning a better walk way between our RV park and Point Park, I also agree that a better and safer walk way needs to be addressed. I’m sure the city has gravel to do this project, so why don’t they use it.  One thing that needs to be addressed concerning that area under the bridge is the drug use going on there. We clean up that area and, before you know, it is trashed again with cans that have been used to sniff for getting high. Why not install cameras to help the city police monitor that area?

Yes ... Yes and Yes to a splash park. Think about how this will attract campers and visitors. Why do we have to always have a grant before we do anything for our community?

On a brighter note, we are starting in the right direction, the river walk, the trees ready to be planted, benches on the way. Shade for visitors and residents to enjoy the fabulous view of our rivers  Trash cans might be an added idea.

As Jeff said: “Don’t stop the momentum.”  

We need to make Exit 43 from Interstate 71 a scenic route to bring people right into downtown. 

One last thing we should all give praise to our Main Street Program and all the work they do to promote our unique historical town.

Hazel Ray