Few voters turn out for primary election

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By Jeff Moore

Carroll County voters showed very little interest in the May 17 primary election with only 471 casting ballots in the Democratic and Republican races.

That’s an overall turnout of 6.52 percent, county clerk Alice Marsh said. That’s off from the last primary with no local races in May 2007 when some 2,200 people voted with overall turnout of 12 percent.

Marsh said she believes the numbers voting were low because people were not aware of the primary election and the fact that incumbent Gov. Steve Beshear is unopposed and was not on the ballot.

There were a lot of people who called her office to ask what they were voting on, she noted.

The county’s Democratic primary drew more voters, unofficial county tallies show.

Incumbent Elaine N. Walker carried Carroll County in the Democratic race for secretary of state, despite losing in the statewide race. Walker received 195 votes to her opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes’ 183.

Incumbent Democrat L.J. “Todd” Hollenbach won the county vote as well as his statewide race for state treasurer. Hollenbach received 294 votes locally, while Steve Hamrick received 81.

In a five way contest for the Democratic nod for commissioner of agriculture, contender B.D. Wilson carried Carroll County with 136 votes, despite failing to win statewide. Robert “Bob” Farmer, who won the race, came in second with 112, followed by John Faris Lackey with 52, David Williams with 39 and Stewart Gritton at 32.

In the county’s Republican primary, David L. Williams and Richie Farmer won the most votes with 37 in the race for governor and lieutenant governor. The Williams/Farmer ticket won the statewide contest. Close behind was Phil Moffet/Mike Harmon receiving 26 votes, while Barbara “Bobbie” Holsclaw/Bill Vermillion Jr. picked up 19.

In the GOP race for secretary of state, Hilda Legg carried the county with 39 votes to Bill Johnson’s 32. Johnson edged out Legg in the statewide vote.

Marsh said Legg has asked for a recanvass, which will be held at her office 9 a.m. on May 26.

The county’s vote for Republican auditor of public accounts ended in a tie, with both John T. Kemper III and Addia Kathryn Wuchner receiving 34 votes each. Kemper won the party’s nod in statewide balloting.

In the GOP race for commissioner of agriculture, unsuccessful contender Rob Rothenburger won locally with 37 votes to James R. Comer’s 36. Comer won the race in the statewide vote.