Filtration issues delay pool opening

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By Kristin Beck

The county pool will open this summer, but when it will has yet to be determined.

Pump and filtration problems have been the culprits behind the delay, Carroll County Parks and Recreation Director Mike Battaglia said in a Monday interview. Opening day is normally around Memorial Day weekend.

Phoenix Spas of Louisville repaired and resurfaced the pool in May, after submitting the winning bid of $32,300 to fiscal court. The pool was re-filled at the end of the month. However, when the pump was turned on, it locked up, Battaglia said. It was pulled out and sent to Louisville for repairs. It is now functional.

The pool’s 18 filters also needed to be replaced. Part of the reason is because of the degradation of the liner, Battaglia said. Before, the pool was backwashed every 7-10 days. Last year, it was backwashed every 2-3 days because the lining was clogging the filters, he said.

Built in 1983, the pool still has its original equipment, and the filters are not a stock item, Battaglia said. They are custom-made out of special material, which has been backordered from Phoenix Spas. Three of the 18 filters have been made.

Temporary filters have been installed, but is a lot slower process and not the correct material for the pool. “It’s a very slow process,” Battaglia said. “We’re still not where we need to be.”
At this time, Battaglia said he could not give a foreseeable date for opening day because he does not know how long it will take for the filters to arrive and for the water to be cleared. But the pool will be open at some point this summer, he said.

“I wish I had a nickel for every phone call we’ve gotten,” Battaglia said, referring to questions about the pool.

In addition to the cloudy water, residue in the system from last year’s liner is re-circulating in the pool. That is not a health department concern, Battaglia said, but it is a safety issue because lifeguards need to be able to see all the way to the bottom of the pool. 

Repairs to the pump and new filters were not included in the bid price from Phoenix Spas. Battaglia said he does not yet know what the total cost will be.


Work continues to reopen kiddie pool

Parks and recreation is still waiting on approval from the state health department to continue work on the kiddie pool. Battaglia said he is waiting on the state to say the work they were supposed to do has been done and done correctly.

Fiscal court tentatively approved $12,300 at a special meeting April 11 for repairs, as long as the state approved the plans and would allow it to reopen. The kiddie pool has been closed for three years when parks and recreation did not meet the new rules imposed relating to new safely requirements for drains, according to a April 17, 2013, News-Democrat article. 

Work completed so far includes taking out the old gutters, putting in a new drainage line and jackhammering the channel where you enter the kiddie pool, Battaglia said. A special drain also must be installed once the state approves it, he said. It also needs cosmetic work, a new lining and new filters.

The kiddie pool has its own filtration system, he said, and does not use the same filters as the large pool.

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