First Community Family Event set for Worthville June 23

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Champions sponsoring event for families

It is officially summertime, which means it seems that we are all running in different directions and time seems to be flying at a rate that is unreal in comparison to winter. 

The sun comes out earlier and stays out later, however that rarely equates to the ability to get more done.  In summertime, we often get so busy that we can forget there are activities going on in our community that we can get involved in. 

Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County is a nonprofit organization that has a mission to reduce drug and alcohol usage among the youth of Carroll County and to reduce the barriers that youth face both for this generation and for generations to come. This article is not to complain, but to let those in Carroll County know the events that are coming up and the multiple opportunities that exist for anyone willing and able to get involved.

On Thursday, June 23, we will hold our first “Community Family Event” at Worthville City Park in Worthville from 6-8 p.m. The event will feature free entertainment and food. 

When you and your family arrive at the park, you will be asked to register for the door prize. In that registration, you will be asked a few simple questions for us. 

During the event, Carroll County Sheriff Jamie Kinman will be speak about the warning signs of drug abuse and with the dangers of abusing prescription medication.

Our next community event is July 14 in Ghent at the city park and July 28 in Carrollton at a location yet to be determined.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Champions’ purpose for hosting these community events is to establish a presence in all of the areas of our county and to get as many people as possible involved in the coalition. 

We will be introducing some of our products and literature, along with information about upcoming programs. We will be introducing a “Hot Spot Card,” which is a postcard that asks about what you may know about illicit drug use in the community, which you will may fill out and mail back to us anonymously. Only law enforcement will see these cards, and they will check out each lead. Keep in mind, however, that they will look into every lead, but you may not see it happen. 

We also are introducing a Community Meth Watch program, in which a person can post signs on their property warning that they will report suspicious activity to the police.  Often, drug activity takes place in areas criminals feel no one is watching.  These signs will let everyon know people in each neighborhood care and are watching. 

Finally, we soon will introduce our Parent Support group. We are planning a kick-off event on July 16 to begin this program, which will be a place where parents can come to talk about problems they may be having with a child’s alcohol and drug use.

We will be putting more information about this program out soon, but we believe discussion about real problems faced by parents, grandparents and other family members will be beneficial. Any family members are invited to attend these meetings.

At Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County, we will be out in the communities and will have a presence.

Of course, there is always more to be done and there is always a place for you to get involved.  We look forward to meeting you and serving you in this county.

Matt Lipe is coordinator of Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County.