First readings approved for ‘13-’14 city, CU budgets

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By Kristin Beck

Carrollton City Council approved the first reading to amend the fiscal year 2012-2013 city budget as well as approve the fiscal year 2013-2014 budget at their meeting Monday, April 22. The second reading will be held May 13.

For the city, the general funds balance going forward was amended to $1,193,689 from $868,564. The total estimated revenues increased to $4,286,256, with the total resources at $5,479,945.

The total estimated appropriations in general funds increased to $4,505,886. The estimated fund balance at the end of the fiscal year was $974,059, amended from $551,127.

The general fund balance was amended to increase from $15,879 to $56,471. The certificates of deposit decreased from $150,000 to $130,000.

The city’s amended budget also included $43,650 for the Two Rivers Campground, a new line item.

For fiscal year 2013-2014, total resources in the general fund is $5,178,697, with total estimated appropriations at $4,641,399. Estimated fund balances in the general fund at the end of the fiscal year is $537,298.

The new budget includes $200,000 in capital outlays, earmarked for the river walk, and $50,000 for the Enterprise Incentive Program.

The city has $116,855 in carryover in the municipal road fund from last fiscal year and budgeted $90,200 in revenue for this fiscal year. However Mayor Gene McMurry pointed out that the city receives its municipal road funding in three payments, with $55,000 coming in August. The other two payments are later on in the year. As a result, the city has roughly $171,000 available for the summer paving season.

As discussed in the department budget meeting, council set aside $150,000 for a new pumper truck for the Carrollton Fire Department to be purchased in the future. The Carrollton Police Department received $34,000 for new equipment, while Public Works received $38,905 in new equipment.


Carrollton Utilities budget amended, first reading approved

City council approved the amended fiscal year 2012-2013 Carrollton Utilities budget, as well as the fiscal year 2013-2014 budget at its meeting Monday. Second readings will be held May 13.

Carrollton Utilities General Manager Bill Osborne reported to council that the fiscal year 2012-2013 amended budget was within .2 percent in revenues and within .4 percent in expenses. “That’s remarkable to get that close,” he said. “(Chas Robbins and the staff) have done a great job.”

The amended budget showed an increase in both total revenue and estimated expenditures for the gas and water departments. Both total revenue and total estimated expenditures decreased in the sewer department. For West Carroll Water District, total revenue remained the same, but estimated expenditures increased, putting its net income at a loss of $6,906. The sewer department also lost money, but not as much as originally budgeted, from $437,617 to $297,304.

Both the gas and water departments gained net income, but not as much as originally budgeted. The gas department net income is $362,541, while the water department net income is $4,108.

Capital budget expenditures amended down for the gas, sewer and water departments.

The amended budget also includes investment in compressed natural gas vehicles to replace the pickup trucks as they wear out and the purchase of property adjacent to the water treatment plant. Osborne said CU has already purchased four trucks and will be putting in a fueling station.

Osborne said he expects gas prices to stay about the same. “Low gas prices, we think, are here to stay, and the industries are taking advantage of that,” he said.

Osborne said Carrollton is the largest municipal gas system based on volume in the state, and several customers have significant gas projects in the works. CU plans to replace a gas main on the Kentucky River bridge and to expand its natural gas distribution system in Owenton and in Trimble County.

This year, CU is showing $12,000 in reduced gas prices total for the gas and sewer departments as a result of compressed natural gas conversion, he said.

Carrollton Utilities is proposing a 2 percent increase in town and 3 percent out of town for both the sewer and water departments. CU is proposing the acquisition of the City of Campbellsburg sewer system and related debt. Sewer revenues include an addition $11,200 in regional sewer assessment fees due to the Kentucky Speedway expansion.

Carrollton Utilities also is proposing a 25 percent increase in maintenance fees for the West Carroll Water District to recover the higher commitment needed to correct increasing water loss in the system.

Total revenue for the 2013-14 fiscal year budget is $51,778,035, while total expenses are $51,747,184. Total income is $30,851 for a total negative cash flow of $2,329.

New fire chief named

Mayor Gene McMurry announced current volunteer assistant chief Mike Terrell was hired Monday as the new Carrollton Fire Chief. Terrell will start some time in the next three to four weeks. The mayor said current Fire Chief Greg Beck will stay on an additional week or two after Terrell starts to acclimate him to the job.


Bid openings

Carrollton City Council awarded bids for D.G.A. rock and bituminous base/binder/surface.

Nugent Sand won the bid for D.G.A. rock, the only bidder. The price is the same as last year, reported the Nugent Sand representative. An additional $3.75 per ton will be added for deliveries until Hwy. 36 is re-opened because of the additional trip through Bedford before coming to Carrollton.

Ohio Valley Asphalt won the bid for bituminous base/binder/surface, the only bidder. The price is slightly lower than last year, estimator/project manager Loran Raschella said.

Fire graduation

Fire Chief Greg Beck invited the mayor and city council members to attend the recruitment graduation held at 1 p.m. May 4 in the training room. Four recruits will graduate from the 12-week program. Beck said the program has been so successful, there will be another class starting in the fall.


Street closure

Main Street will be closed from Third Street to Second Street from 1:30-5:30 p.m. on May 18 for the Music for the Cure event.

The event will be hosted by the Tiki Bar, beginning at 6 p.m. and ending at 2 a.m. and benefit Amelia Breeden Hall’s Relay for Life team.

The event was expanded to include a motorcycle show, inflatables, face painting and food from 2-5 p.m., said Tracey Reynolds, who approached council for the street closure because children will be attending these events.



City council approved a resolution to allow Carrollton Utilities to apply for loan assistance from the Federally Assisted Drinking Water Revolving Fund for proposed water treatment facilities improvements. This will be a joint project for regional water system improvements shared among Carrollton Utilities, Carroll County Water District and West Carroll Water District.

According to the resolution, Carroll County Water District and West Carroll Water District will reimburse the city of Carrollton for the debt service associated with the improvements with each water district.

Arney resigns

Beau Arney resigned from planning and zoning. Mayor Gene McMurry appointed Beth Johnson to fill his term, which ends Dec. 31, 2016.