Fiscal holds first reading of ordinance restricting alcohol sales on election day

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By Jeff Moore

Carroll County Fiscal Court approved an updated alcoholic beverage ordinance for the county that restricts its sale on election day when polls are open.

The new ordinance is required now that Kentucky law has changed to allow localities to opt to allow alcohol sales on election days.

Carroll County Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson said he wants the county to adopt the same policy that is followed in the city of Carrollton.

“I think we need it consistent with that,” Tomlinson said.

Carrollton City Council Monday night voted to keep its policy the same — no alcohol sales during the time the polls are open. Sales are then allowed at 6 p.m.

On Tuesday morning, fiscal court followed suit.

The county, however, is making a few needed updates to its ordinance.

One of those will be to include the fee structure for its permits. All fees will remain at the maximum the state allows, as it is now. The county will not impose its own fee on permits, fiscal court agreed.

County Attorney Nick Marsh has been researching ordinances used by other counties. One from Boone County includes the fee structure, he noted.

Tomlinson said he would like to have that included. He said state officials have indicated they would like counties to impose these fees consistently across the state to make it easier to collect them.

The judge-executive asked Marsh to contact state Alcohol Beverage Control to ensure the fees section meets their needs.

Otherwise, the county ordinance will remain the same.

Marsh said it allows the sale of alcohol in the county from 6 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Friday, except for during an election. No sales are permitted on Sundays.

Second reading on the ordinance will be held at fiscal court’s Oct. 8, meeting.


Electrical inspectors

Carroll County Fiscal Court will put a new process in place to allow for non-exclusive electrical inspector contracts.

County Attorney Nick Marsh presented a resolution the court must adopt to allow certified electrical inspectors to operate in the county.

Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson said he currently has three or four who want to serve county residents.

The county at one time had only one inspector, which he said created a problem if a change was required and an inspection had to wait another week when the inspector was in town.

The county has used several in recent years, allowing more flexibility for when inspections can be performed.

“I think it’s worked out a lot better,” Tomlinson said.

Marsh said the contract requires the inspector be certified by the state, carry $1 million general liability insurance and maintain workers compensation coverage, if they have employees who will be doing inspections.

A resolution each inspector will then be approved by fiscal court, Marsh said.


English Proficiency Plan first reading held

An ordinance enacting a Limited English Proficiency Plan for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office won approval on first reading at fiscal court Tuesday.

Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson said the plan being adopted is one from the state Department of Criminal Justice. He said the sheriff’s office has indicated it is needed when the department seeks grants.

“I don’t know that it’s hampered our process,” Tomlinson said.

He asked Carroll County Community Development Corporation Executive Director Bob Yoder if he had run across grants where this was needed.

Yoder said he hadn’t, but that it may be one of those boxes that needs to be checked on law enforcement grants.

The policy requires that the sheriff’s office carry “I speak” cards to help those who have limited English abilities to identify their primary language. Officers would then have to use the Language Line call center or a certified interpreter, ensuring that no one would have to have a friend or a relative translate.

Tomlinson said once this is in place, he is concerned that it may put some extra work on the department.

The second reading on the ordinance will be held at fiscal court’s Oct. 8, meeting.


HVAC at hall of justice

Carroll County Fiscal Court approved the purchase of a new heating and cooling unit for the Wheeler Hall of Justice Tuesday.

The building has been without some heat and air conditioning due to the failure of a unit that was repaired earlier this year at a cost of $9,300. Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson said it was installed in 1991 or 1992.

“It’s been there a while,” he said.

To move the process forward, Tomlinson declared an emergency because of the lack of HVAC service in the building and the fact it’s needed for the courts and juries.

He said the Administrative Office of Courts has agreed to reimburse the county for the work. The new unit will cost $44,476 through a bid the county had earlier in the year from TC Mechanical Services. Because of the emergency situation, the county can proceed with the replacement, despite the fact that the cost of the work has increased by $10,168 over the original bid. Much of that is due to a price increase in the unit, while the remainder is for rush shipping to get it here in four weeks.


Slide tray approval

Carroll County Fiscal Court approved the purchase of a $2,600 slide out tray to be installed in Carroll County Rescue Squad unit 701.

County Emergency Management Director Ed Webb said the tray allows all equipment to be placed on a tray that slides in the back of the unit for easy access to the crew.

“It keeps them on the ground,” he said. “They can get their equipment quicker and safer.”

A similar slide is in place in the squad’s 702 unit, Webb said.

Fiscal court approved the purchase through Carrollton Sheet Metal, which will fabricate the new tray for the squad.


Project updates

Carroll County Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson provided fiscal court with updates on several of the county’s projects Tuesday:

• The county is waiting on new cabinets to arrive for installation in the sheriff’s office. They must be in place before new flooring can be installed. “Those should be ready fairly soon,” Tomlinson said.

• Repairs will be made to sidewalks around the courthouse this week to make fixes from the county’s streetscape project earlier this year. Tomlinson said he has asked that repairs be complete by Monday to be ready for next week’s Carroll County Tobacco Festival. The contractor has already replaced some of the plants that died this summer. The county will have another chance to ensure they have healthy plants next spring before their warranty expires.

• Work is complete on the ball fields at the county park. Tomlinson said there is now a need for some electrical work and he has been in contact with Troxell Electric to perform the needed work.

• Repairs are underway to the county pool and should be complete this week. Work also is underway on the children’s wading pool. Tomlinson said plans for that project are being signed off by officials at Frankfort so that it can reopen.