Fiscal OK’s SO budget, plans polling relocation

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By Jeff Moore

Carroll County Fiscal Court approved a $552,500 budget for the sheriff’s office in 2014, the same total as the current year.

Sheriff Jamie Kinman told fiscal court Tuesday morning that there was little change to the budget this year.

Funds were included to hire Whitney Jump full-time in the office, Kinman said. She currently works part-time for the sheriff.

Additionally, about $12,000 was cut from the overtime section of the budget, he told fiscal court.

Office manager Mandy Tuttle said the reduction in that line item was needed to cover 3 percent raises in the department, along with covering the increases in insurance costs this year.

Kinman said he has asked for a $20,000 increase in the state advancement his office receives to help cover costs until taxes are collected. This makes the total for that $140,000 in 2014.

Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson noted that there is a line item in the revenue section showing revenue from the foreign trade zone. However, he said that would need to be worded as a contribution back to the department from fiscal court. Tuttle said that North American Stainless has already made that $42,300 payment to the sheriff’s office and included the amount for their collection fees.

Tomlinson said he did not know that money had been received. Magistrates indicated their approval because this means everyone would be receiving the amount they had in the past before NAS joined the foreign trade zone, which provides them benefits in tariff and state tax reductions. However, they continue to make payments in lieu of taxes to county taxing authorities.

Tomlinson asked if the sheriff knows how much he will have in excess fees this year. He said in recent years it has varied from $50,000 and $60,000 to as low as $6,000 or $7,000.

Kinman said they have not worked that up yet and he wouldn’t want to provide a number that would be off.

This year’s budget did not include money to replace a department vehicle. District 2 Magistrate Dean Miller said he had asked the department not to include one this year because it’s expected to be a tight budget year.

Kinman said one vehicle does have more than 300,000 miles on it.

Tomlinson asked the sheriff to get all of the mileage information so they could take a look at it and determine if one is needed.

Miller said putting off a purchase could mean that two would be needed in one year.

District 1 Magistrate Floyd Bowling said he believes “[Kinman] is going to need a car.”

Fiscal court approved the 2014 budget and will look further into the situation with vehicles at a later date.


Prestonville voting location discussed

Tomlinson said the county continues to work on moving its road department from the old location in Prestonville to the new one at the former state transportation department building on Park Avenue in Carrollton. This will mean the voting precinct that uses the shop building in Prestonville will need to find a new home.

Tomlinson said he has talked with County Clerk Alice Marsh, who has consulted with the county election commission on the situation.

The county will probably still be using the shop location at the time of the May primary, but Tomlinson said he does not expect it to be available for the fall general election.

He said officials believe it would be best to select the new location so all voting next year is in the same place.

Junior Welch has offered the county the opportunity to use his facility that used to house Community Feed and Seed for the polling site, Tomlinson said.

To make the location work, however, a paved area would be in place for handicapped parking, Tomlinson said. He asked County Attorney Nick Marsh to look at whether the county can do the paving to help the location meet the state requirements.

Alice Marsh said it only needs to be a small area for a van and a second vehicle. She said the entire parking lot, which is gravel, would not have to be padded.

Magistrates indicated th court has paved other locations, such as at the Masonic Lodge in Carrollton, to comply with election guidelines.

Nick Marsh said he would investigate and report back to fiscal court.


Bridge work needed in county

Tomlinson said there are four bridge projects he is working on that are needed in the county.

A bridge on Hwy. 47 outside of Ghent needs to be addressed because it was replaced and is skewed in a way that makes it unsafe. The state needs to widen the road there and extend a culvert to address the problem. “It’s really dangerous,” he said.

Another bridge near Sanders made a list of about three dozen bridges that the state evaluated and determined need the most attention in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s District 6. Tomlinson said KYTC officials believe this project needs to be expedited.

The county will work to replace a bridge on Dripping Springs and has won approval for it to receive 80 percent reimbursement of the cost from the state. Tomlinson said he is involving the transportation cabinet because Hwy. 55 will have to be closed for a brief period when the new pre-cast bridge is installed. This project is expected to take place in the spring.

He also is monitoring the progress of the widening of U.S. 42 from Dow Corning to the city of Ghent limits. A bridge above Dow Corning will be part of this multi-million dollar project that will probably be put to bid late in 2014.


Local hospital gets its payment back

Carroll County Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer Michael Kozar presented fiscal court with a check for $100,000, its annual repayment for a loan from the county to assist during a financial crisis several years ago. He thanked fiscal court for its continued support.

Tomlinson said in the past fiscal court has donated the payment back to the hospital.

He said he would like to earmark $50,000 for additional improvements in the physical therapy and occupational medicine departments and allow CCMH to use the remaining $50,000 as it is needed. The recommendation won fiscal court’s approval.

“I think you are doing a really good job,” Tomlinson told Kozar.

Kozar said those departments have already served more than 10,000 patients this year. This funding will help the hospital increase the numbers it serves in the future.

The hospital’s services are crucial to the community with the amount of industry located in the county, Tomlinson said.


Budget transfers approved

Fiscal court approved more than $26,000 in budget transfers for the county clerk’s office.

Alice Marsh said the transfers are mainly to move funds from one category to another to cover expenses. However, she said the budget total was not changing.

Included in the transfers is a state payment of $3,826 to her office for a county with population of less than 20,000.

Tomlinson asked about her excess fees for the budget year that ends this month.

“You’ll get what’s budgeted, plus,” she said.


Four residents reappointed

Fiscal court reappointed four county residents whose terms were expiring to the boards they now serve on.

Jim Sapps will continue on the Carroll County Water Board for another four years.

Mike Lewis and Phillip Habbas were reappointed for three years to the Carroll County Extension Board.

Rick Oak was named to another three-year term on the Ghent Fire Protection District Board.